Sunday, April 12, 2009


So I guess it's time for an update - as usual after starting out this blog in a flurry of activity it's kind of fallen by the wayside over the last few weeks. Going to try and update on at least a fortnightly basis from now on.

Online cash first -not really too exciting, I'm just under break-even after aprox. 10K NL HE hands at $10 in March. Obviously this isn't ideal, but considering I was down 15 buy-ins at one point I'm quite happy about getting it back to break-even. The plan is to move this bank-roll to a new cage for the start of May and get a good deposit bonus/rake-back deal. I haven't played any NL HE hands in April at all yet.

I have played lots of PL Omaha though :). I originally tried to learn this game at some stage last year but I only got in about 200 hand before I got distracted. I knew I wasn't going to have much time for too many hands in April due to work and exams so decided to give it another go. Man it's a super game, I'm enjoying it immensely and the standard is so much lower than for the HE equivalent. I've been 2-tabling 6-max $20 and I'm up about 10 buy-ins. I'm not sure how many hands this is over but I'd guess maybe 3k or so.

Two other bits of news - first off I qualified for the Irish Open through Paddy Power. I had decided ages ago that I wasn't going to play this year due to exams, but I saw the Last Chance Saloon sats advertised and decided, fuck it, I'll give it a go and see how it works out. I played 6 or so $30 rebuys, qualifying for 2 of the $300 finals, and getting enough cash to almost cover the buy-in for one more. In the first I went out inf the first level when I was on the wrong end of a set over set, can't remember too much of the second one except that I went out around the half-way mark. In the third I was going well and fancied my chances before it all went pear-shaped and I went out in 15th with 8 tickets. I thought that was probably that, but I ended up buying straight into the last of the four finals, and for once I played well and ran good, and got one of the eight tickets.

In the Open itself, I basically blew it during the fourth level. I was at a super soft starting table, I actually can't believe how bad a couple of the players were. I didn't get any big hands, but was steadily building up a stack with well-timed agression. And then I donked off about 12k with 45 suited - I flopped a pair and a straight draw and ended up paying off the original raisers pocket kings. I called off 4k on the river when there was no-way I could possibly be ahead, was truly terrible. Even thinking about it now makes me wince. I went out in the 5th level when I shoved my 7 BBs with A8 into KK and didn't improve. Ended up going on the tear after this and did about €250 in the Jackpot in the early hours, can't remember a single hand.

Finally, I played the Sunday warm-up on Stars yesterday with one of the steps tickets I built up a while ago. I went out in 120th or so for about $950 - delighted with how I played overall, but disappointed not to go deeper. I got screwed hands wise because of four tools on my table who slow played every hand for three hours or so - they started about 100 out from the bubble and continued on afterwards. I was seriously pissed off with this as it means a massive reduction in the amount of hands I saw, and by the time I was eventually moved tables my stack had fallen below average. Went out when I shoved 15 BBs into from the SB into an early raise and he called with AQ.

Thats about it for the moment.

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